Monday, August 9, 2010

Who are you?

I am the Admin for Angry Step Kid! I am a cynic. I am a man who likes to use the "heel" 1st, when opening the bread. I enjoy eating steak and long walks at sunset. I have been rejected by E-Harmony 4 times because I am too stingy with my money. I used to have a bicycle, a pretty fucking nice bicycle. It was stolen by an interesting fuck bag named Julian Jackson. He dismantled it, and sold off the parts to support his meth habit. I found this out last year. (15yrs later) I played A LOT of sports when I was young, to stay away from home. I didn't have the ideal home life that was portrayed on TV. I literally am the black sheep of my family. I say the wrong things at the right times. I am NOT uncomfortable in my own skin although my belly has a mind of it's own. I am a free thinker who bitches and complains even when I'm right. I don't dance, but I'll go to a club, bob my head, and point at dudes that do. I enjoy making fun of others. I laugh. I once thought of myself as a nice guy, I was wrong. I realized there is too much hilarity and bullshit in the world to spend ALL of my time trying to solve problems for others. I am selfish. I am greedy. I fucking love shellfish! I consider myself a professional at watching television. I have a doctorate in TV. The friends I have made in my life, all have an equal share in creating what I have become. As Tyler Durden said, "Hey, you created me. I didn't create some loser alter-ego to make myself feel better." My friends are known to be dicks to people. I enjoy meeting new people. I can always use the new material. Basically, I am a unique snowflake just like everybody else. That last part is a lie. Fuck Snowflake! I have Roadrunner Pride!


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