Sunday, January 30, 2011

Undecided Jello Shots.

Jello shots....the ninja assassin's of the girly shot world. I woke up this morning feeling like my head was being pummeled by psychotic monkeys. Oh and I felt like they worked me over during the night, because I have bruises I can't explain.

There were so many delish men out last night and of course I couldn't talk to a single one of them. I know, I know...doesn't sound like me. I did towards the end of the night approach one and ask him to dance and he said he doesn't dance and that he was too tipsy. Whatevs...that is why I don't talk to men in bars.

The ones that I am interested in don't approach me, and if I work up the nerve to approach them, they reject me out of turn. I am not sure why. My friends are baffled by it. They said mebbe it is because I am too scary. Hey! I was smiling and trying to be girly. I just don't think I pull it off that well.

The ones I am not interested in are all over me. I think that is just the way it goes. I am a reasonably attractive person. Curves in all the right places and I can shake it like Shakira. I think my friends are right and that I scare people. I have gotten that my whole life.

It is not that I want to find and pick up a man in a bar. I just wanted a little attention that's all. I think I need to stick to lesbian bars. I get ALL kinds of attention there. Maybe God, Buddha, Crom, someone is trying to tell me something. Because women fucking love me. Men I relate to on strictly a friend level. Like the girl you can go pick up girls with type of thing... Anyways, I feel like hammered dog shit. I am going back to bed.


Cindir13 on January 31, 2011 at 6:37 PM said...

I love Jello shots!

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