Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Death Of Individualism (Or the Birth of Bullshit)

Hunter S Thompson was a hero of mine. He used to talk about professionalism. It was a staple in everything he wrote. No matter how fucked up he got on drugs and alcohol he always maintained an air about him that made one believe that no matter where he took you it would be an awesome place because he knew exactly what he was doing. Nothing here would be compromised. We are all stuck on this planet together. No one will be left behind.

That idea is almost dead. Metaphorically speaking, anyways. Yuppies, Hipsters, and this new fangled Tea Party deal have killed it. It is the people who believe they are doing something revolutionary that are more than likely, and not ironically because that isn't how you use that word, following the crowds.

The problem isn't just with conservatives. It is with liberals too. The whole idea that you can either have one set of ideals or another is bullshit. Every individual should have the opportunity to assess each issue differently. If you are pro gun you shouldn't have to be anti abortion. The political system in this country is geared towards choosing either one side of the issues or the other with no intelligent common ground.

George Bush was a good president in terms of the space program. He set things in motion that would help NASA put a man on Mars. He may have busted the shit out of everything else, but we must give credit where it is due. He was great when it came to space exploration.

I support what Julian Assange is doing. Wikileaks is a brilliant project that holds people accountable for their actions. That doesn't mean that I don't believe he is being incredibly biased. I don't see him leaking secret Chinese documents. There are pro's and con's to everything. Nothing is completely right or completely wrong.

Too many folks these days don't understand that. Their minds are made up by their political affiliation. If their party, or church, or whatever says one thing, they blindly follow. It is hard to find anyone these days that uses their own logic and not the strawman arguments given to them whatever organization they follow.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe is a great tragedy. (Are those the words of Chuck or Tyler?) Or is the tragedy really a comedy that none of us get?

Time will tell, as it always does. Good luck and good night. Or morning, depending on your geographical location.

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