Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If The Glove Don't Fit..

Let me start this by saying "O.J. KILLED THAT DRUNK WHITE GIRL!"  Ok, here's how I feel about it.

I've been fortunate once or twice in my life, to be in a relationship. I've loved, I am guilty of gettin jealous and pissed for petty reasons. I have never been married and or separated. Either way, I wouldn't ever let my "separated wife" get boned in my house by her quote unquote friend! Never!

I am a lowly worker bee that has never achieved the notoriety that O.J. Simpson has, I don't own a Heisman trophy. I have no NFL experience and have not (as of yet) starred in any G thru R rated movies. That being said, I would absolutely kill a man that was fucking my wife. My wife fucking another man in the house we created?!? For sure, wack her janky ass too! Stab them both multiple times and try to hide it? Of course. Nobody in their right mind would openly admit to a grisly double homicide.

Now please keep in mind, I DO NOT CONDONE MURDER, I'm just saying that I don't honestly feel like he was that much in the wrong. Murder is wrong. Killing your wife for openly bangin her new beau in your home, not so much...

The other thing wrong with this media clusterfuck of the 90's was his acquittal. Seriously? The L.A. Riots aside, this fucker was guilty! REAL fucking guilty. Not only did his hands smell like cookies, he was carrying around the cookie jar and his good buddy A.C. helped him eat them...  A.C. is the shit! I don't have not one friend that would drive me down the street if I had a squadron of police cruisers behind me. Nice A.C., Very Nice. 

Anyhoo, quick recap. OJ killed Nicole, I don't think it was unheralded, A.C. is the man, The media blew it all outta proportion. The End.


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