Tuesday, August 17, 2010

She was just slutty enough to be my 1st crush..

Bam! There she stood in all of her 16 yr old body. Magnificent is all I could think in my pre-teen head. She at the time was the epitome of all that I knew was woman. I had heard the stories of her numerous encounters with the older "more mature" as she put it, guys she had/was dating. How they made out and how french kissing was SOO cool.

It was one of the last days of summer vacation. Yours truly had been fortunate enough to have an aunt who was only 5 yrs older and who had the most beautiful friends in the world. (I thought they were ALL glorious cuz they possessed boobs) Anyhoo, Marsha A., (name NOT changed because I'm kind of an asshole) was an interesting breed. Literally. She was of Arabian and Filipino descent. Mysterious, Foreign, Kind of Slutty. Perfect.

This particular day, we were at a local hotel, loungin around the pool. I really wasn't lounging, I was ogling. Sick, perverted, 11yr old ogling. Marsha A., was talking about the new school year and her classes. The type of guys she liked and the things she liked to do with them. I was in complete awe. Utter speechlessness, if you're keeping score on the verbal level. In fact, I was standing in the pool trying to hide the 2 inch bulge that was in my swim trunks.

I made the lame attempt to speak with her outside of the whole "Your such a cute kid." realm. It failed. It was similar to the scene in "The Sandlot" with Wendy Peffercorn and Squints. I tried my best mack daddy lines. I learned them from 2 live Crew, they had to work. "You're so funny." My persistence is key, I thought. Nope. Shut down again. She moved away later that year.

I sincerely hope she can see me now! I was her prince in shining New Era 5150 baseball hats and she missed the boat! If you ever read this Marsha A., I'm sorry I put you on blast on the internet. Wanna go to a hotel pool and relive my first real fantasy? No? 3 strikes. I'm out! 



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