Friday, August 20, 2010

Straight from the Hip.

-Okey dokey then, time to be real no more pretend.
Inside my soul a little devil lives. He chills, he kicks it, never shares never gives. One day he decided to let some light in...this light was called love and it made my soul grin. The light was a lie and so was the love! This made the devil mad and my loving soul numb. Now the devil has grown and protects my soul. He's mad at the world, he's out of of control. Fear, agony the pain from within. The devil has my back and won't let sin in. Too bad for the girl that could have made him smile. The little devil was happy for just a little while. But BITCH you did it! So fuck you forever! The devil hates you too for this selfless endeavor. I could have been somebody's one and only and the devil inside wouldn't be so lonely. But instead I'm here to confuse and break parts. And the little devil will shit and fart on your hearts. Oh and make you cry too..... Fuck you! I know I should be calm and button my lip, but the name of this poem is straight from the hip!!


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