Sunday, November 28, 2010

Raw Hard Candi

I hate being corrected. Especially when it isn't something that requires correction. For instance, when I say shut the fuck up or I will shove my fist down your throat, rip out your esophagus and proceed to strangle you with it....that is usually something that does not require correction. Stop me if I am wrong.

Dumbass actually had the audacity to say, "But if you ripped out my esophagus wouldn't that pretty much kill me right away and therefore negate the whole strangling bit?"

I replied with, "I am so sorry. How about this instead. I will carefully make a small incision in your abdomen and I will slowly pull your intestines through the cut and THEN I will strangle you with your intestines." This was met with a look of horror and a who the fuck says that kind of shit. I do muthafucka. I do. Do NOT correct my comments made in rage. They are usually replaced with cold and calculating remarks. Your choice....OR better yet you could shut your cockhole and do as I say.

I stayed home from work the other day and now over these last few days I got the flu. I also have been suffering from massive bouts of rage that were increasing in intensity. So now I have Rage Flu...worse then Swine Flu.

The rage as it turns out is most likely from my sleeping pills. That is right people. My. Sleeping. Pills. Apparently, if taken for long periods of time, the pills act as a dis-inhibitor and can cause extreme aggression. Wondrous!

On a positive note, dumbass gave me what passes for an apology for being a dick. Eh. Whatevs. I am holding course. I do not want a ltr with him or anyone else for that matter. I think that being in any type of relationship diminishes me. I like being raw. I like being me. If you don't like it then step off or you will wind up marine crawling out, bleeding profusely from bullet holes made by Hard Candi.


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