Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks for Nothing Motherfucking Asshole!

He has accomplished on his own what I have failed to do for years. I would be grateful but it would belie what I will write next. He has successfully pushed me into absolute apathy. I truly do not care anymore.

He told me that he believed I had Borderline Personality Disorder. Look it up. It is really not that great. He also told me that he did not want a long term relationship with me ever. He did temper it with "but I don't want one with anyone". Awesome. That makes it so much better.

I have nothing to say to that. It simply reinforces my belief that I will be alone for the rest of my life. I am in all honesty most likely very crazy.......and I don't care. I have no interest in being with anyone. I am better off alone.

Please do not think that I am feeling sorry for myself. I am not. I have just simply accepted that this is the way it will be. I accept my craziness. I accept that I am truly better off alone. The world is probably safer that way. I spend most of my time alone simply to protect the general public.

I haven't spoken to him. I don't have anything to say. What do you say to someone who has basically told you that you are worth nothing to them? I know that there isn't a whole lot of funny in this post. Life is like that. Join me in my apathy....or don't. I truly don't care.


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