Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't Shit Where You Eat.

Do not shit where you eat! Werd. "This bitch sells weed, does hair, and pimps ho's out of her house. Police don't know when to bust the door down." Women seem to be the exception to this rule. As a self proclaimed jack-of all trades, I've often wondered what type of grimy-ness I'd do if I were penisless. The fairer sex seems to have an advantage when it comes to doin dirt.

In this bizarro universe, I have been told to live a quiet, crime free lifestyle. As a hustler, this is damn near impossible. Ya see, my dimes and nickels, I love money. Love it. Scratch. Cheddah. Moolah. Love it. If I were a woman, even an ugly broad, I'd be the worst of the worst. Esmerelda Blanco style. (Cocaine Cowboys) I would definitely sell my ass, post naked pics online, sell drugs, and have a side job nursing or doin hair. Werd.

I know that a lot of women feel like they are hopeless in this quote unquote Man's World. I say horseshit! "Use whatcha momma gave ya." I know, I know, "But, Stepkid Richard, it's not THAT easy.." Whatever ma nig. Make that paper ya dig? You are far from hopeless.

This is a chauvinist statement: Women have the pussy, therefore they make the rules! Yep, I said it. Heed it. It just depends on what you as women believe your pussy is worth. If you think you can get a Rolls Royce Phantom and a 5 Carat diamond for it, get it! If you are currently only getting SOME bills paid and some occasional drunk monkey sex, step your game up. The one thing I will agree with you on is that most dudes are broken. Or "used to" men. "Used to Men", we all know at least one. That guy that "Used To" have money, or maybe he "Used To" have a job. "Used To" have a nice car and "Used To" dress like a million bucks. If this is your situation, maybe you should find out what YOU did to create his downfall.

Men are NOT what makes you a worthwhile woman. Not. You can be whatever and get whatever you want if you just downgrade your morals. Werd. Again, I know, "I don't want to be drug dealing whore." This is why you are wondering why he won't put down the Playstation controller and provide for you and yours this  Holiday season. Take the reigns. Lead by example. This not only will send him a clear message, It'll put some money of your OWN in your extra pocket.

This is the only time I will provide sound advice to my nuckettes. As far as your "Used To", you can give him another "Used To". "I used to have a bad ass woman that took care of me. She's ballin outta control and drives a Rolls Royce now." Out.


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