Thursday, December 9, 2010

Silent Jesper.

Just Drive! Sometimes there is never a real destination, only the momentum of the vehicle. I sit back and watch the scene race by me and remember becoming dizzy as a child.

I'm still waiting for the show. This intermission is lame. Where the hell is my theme music? I've expected more. The new wine ripening on the vine? The saying goes, "Follow the leader". What if your leader is an idiot? Bitching about it does no one any good if they don't want to lead either. I'll get us there. No worries, I've got frequent flyer miles and a wee bit of conviction left.

So have you heard of a little game called "Just the tip". Just to see if it fits. Werd. Funny how a simple phrase can keep one intrigued enough to keep plotting along. I too am guilty of this. I like hearing about your lust for longing. Your desire for nothing more than a gut check. Smiling helps disguise angst but not guilt. We all take pleasure in watching the short comings of people who are not us. I understand. I see you. Many nights before I pass out, I think about all of the things I may have missed. The shittasticness I could have viewed and mentally recorded for my highlight reel.

I'm an insomniac and I have always felt like I was missing out on something. I pound out my suggestions for a better life nightly. Once in a while, I share them for your pleasure. It pleases me as well, to know that I can make you giggle and snort milk through your nose while I subject you to these mind control techniques. It is my want. "I am building a religion, a limited edition, we are now accepting callers for these pendant key chains."

Pull over! I don't trust you're driving skill when I pour myself another cocktail. Ok. Proceed. "You know at some point, you're going to actually have to speak? This one sided train wreck of a conversation is not helping us build any type of trust or friendship. Are you deaf you spineless taint tickling ninny?!" For fuck sakes. Forget it. I just get tired of speaking out loud to myself all of the time. "Call Orlinda. Tell her we're going to the Jiggly room for a night cap. You're a fucker by the way." Out.


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