Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Preamble To A Lunacy Legacy

As of late, I've been contemplating questions about life and it's true meaning. This may be an indication that I am growing up. Probably not, but humor me for a spell. As I crisscross this country of ours, I see you. I wonder how many of you are walking around dead already.

How many of you are just taking up space? Are you merely a bad copy of something that was once grand. Like a shitty lower priced knock off? It's all good if this is the case, I just wanna know if it suits you. Haven't you ever aspired to be something better than nil?

Well my dear friends and cohorts, I have. I'm starting to firmly believe in leaving a legacy of some sort. Whether it be for shits and giggles or for some other werldly purpose, I want to be recycled. Regurgitated.

It's an awesome feeling to entertain the masses. Some have called me a conceited prick. I dig it. I must admit that I am at times. It's cool. I'm hip. Fortunately for you, I share my madness. I share my taste in music, humor, and I share my ignorance. You lucky basterds.

I enjoy pushing buttons, being told "No" and generally laughing at the demise of others shortcomings. It makes me jolly. I want nothing more than to show my perspective and to teach tolerance. Think about that. Is it noble to want to scare people into seeing things my way?

A dear friend recently suggested that I use my powers for good. I could see where that would be worthwhile. I can also relate to the masses that want a couple lines of smut with their A.M. coffee. Hell, I'm known for writing gibberish to feed the wanton five minute brain orgy.

iskullfuktfrandreschersvoiceandmadeasongboutowenwilsonsfailedsuicide. It's things like that that make me wonder if I am the only one not afraid to scribble the stuff or if indirect thinking is the new fire. I'm back bitches and I'm bringing the pain with me. I'm gonna get back to my roots and write. I've been stalling and bullshitting around long enough. These last couple weeks have been a thinking process and I'm done thinking. I'm just gonna put it all out there for your pleasure. You're Welcome. Werd.


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