Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury..

I am in absolute hell. Hell is not a fiery inferno with screams of dispair and demons jabbing your nether parts with light up pitchforks. Hell is not monks chanting ominously while you are chained with barbed wire and tortured for all eternity. No my friends, hell is living with someone who hates your guts. It is cold and oppressive silences. Hateful glares that cut like knives. Cruel and vicious comments made in "jest".

He hates me. He told me that I am unattractive and that he could not fucking stand me. Wow. Welcome back asshole. You have been in the country less then 24 hours and I am to blame for everything. Gee. Awesome. Well, needless to say I am in the process of packing my bags. No amount of money or free living arrangements is worth being made to feel like shit.

However, the hell is that I have to stay here for another two months. That's like twenty in break-up years. I am really stretching for the humor in all this. You may want to sit down for this next part, but I am actually not saying much and trying to be as unobtrusive and unnoticeable as possible. Which is rather difficult when you sleep in the same bed.

He does not call me names and does not hit me. Been there, done that and have the divorce papers to prove it. What is most baffling is that he gets pissed when I point out that the constant diatribe of my sins and faults is abuse. His response? I am just being honest, that isn't abusive. He also went on to state that he didn't think that what he is saying is that mean. Well, compared to the normal sewage that spews out of the cesspool that passes for your mouth...no it's not.

It is getting increasingly harder to be quiet and just go about my business. But I am tough. I am strong. I am resilient. I am ICANDI. Sorry had to do that. So if you are reading this and hear a story about how some girl tripped and fell on top of a douchebag assmunch with a knife and accidentally stabbed him nineteen times in the chest...it may or may not be me. Peace out.


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