Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Faith, Lyrics, & The Stepkid

"The universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were.." I got a premonition that our lives may be some circular phenomena. This possibly is a drunken notion that creates a disturbance in the force. I may just be shitfaced and rambling, but follow me. Funny is the abnormal situation that song lyrics dictate our daily motion. Go figure. When I am at my best, I honestly have lived my life like a long song. I have always been fascinated by my own thought process and the feelings involved when listening to certain music. Like you, I listen to different types of music when I'm feeling certain ways. I'm gonna make a stellar movie one day. You'll see.

I have a badass friend named Adam. He constantly keeps my intellectual penis erect. Ya see, Adam has found that guy he's been looking for (Jesus) and is 100% ready to submit his will to Him. I have another friend who also has surrendered to His will. Her name is Laura.. Although I am at constant odds with their ideals, I must respect that they both seem to know what is going to transpire because they have faith in something that can not be touched. 

"I got a notion to say what doesn't feel right. Got an answer in your story today." When told anytime in my life that I was 'supposed' to do anything, I always question the motive behind it. I know, probably a fucked up thing to do since we are 'supposed' to all be sheep and all 'supposed' to listen to what is good for us. Fuck that. I question. I have to. I know the fuckin oven is hot. I know that if I touch it, I'll most likely get burned. I have been burned a lot. Will I touch it again? Yes. Not because I'm an idiot but because I question my own stability and my own free will to do what the fuck I choose. I know this post is WAY off track when it comes to the norm. That may be the reason I share it with you.

My friends that I speak of are both awesome in their own right. One has literally dropped all of their earthly belongings and backpacked across Europe with no direction. The other has hopscotched thru more drama then I have ever witnessed and came out the other side stronger and full of more resolve than anyone else I've ever known. Is it possible that Jesus had sumpthin to do with it? They would both say "Fuck Yes!" (They both still cuss) Me, your fearless leader, still would have to blame luck. I know, pretty shitty but again I have to question if the oven is hot.

"If I don't say this now I will surely break. As I'm leaving the one I want to take. Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait. My heart has started to separate." I generally understand that I need to have faith in something. It's human nature for fuck sakes. Whether it be family or my shitty football team, we as humans have faith in something. I get it. At the present time, I have hope. Hope that if there is a heaven, many of you like Adam & Laura will get there. Hope that my family and friends will grow old and so will their offspring. Hope that the werld will keep on spinning after 12-12-12. Hope that one day I will be a fat old perverted geezer sippin scotch with the most divine of golf swings. Possibly unrealistic, but I hope.

I guess I could hope for Casey Anthony to be released from jail and instantly get struck by lightning, but then I'd have to admit that maybe there is a sumpthin upstairs and He does judge.. So Casey.. If you happen to look up and then BAM! ZAP! KAPOWEE! your dead, then.. I'll look up to the sky as well and start askin a shit ton more questions to Him too.. Out.


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