Sunday, July 24, 2011

Patty Jewett

Promising.. This glimpse of perfection. Highly unattainable, but I figured I'd take a shot. All of my life I have lived beneath my means. I ventured into the abyss due to my lack of intelligence, or maybe it was because I could no longer understand why I was so dim. She, in her lush, candid mist, tainted demeanor, appeared with all of the grace and solitude that would cause a head-on collision, if I were in control of a moving vehicle... Instant erection.

Generally I feel that I am a man of moderate intelligence. This particular day, this was not the case. She glided across the landscape and I was in complete awe of the scenario. For the first time in eons I was speechless. I had to wonder why this feeling was felt. I, a normally confident man was instantly transported back to 7th grade. She made me erect and I could only think of my protruding boner and a possible smelly finger circumstance.

First, I wanted nothing more than to dismiss this fate. Second, I questioned my sobriety, but no. I had nothing to drink or smoke. Nothing to ingest other than the ambiance of the scenario. This my friends was/is a first. Calming my nerve, I had to blame the almighty.

Why would Crom send something so incredible into my view? What a fucker.  If asked, I would suggest that maybe the earths gravitational pull was offset. Maybe it was time. Time to venture into the next chapter, rather than constantly replay all of the scripts that have previously been viewed and spoken. Fuck it. I'm just rambling about the inconsistency's that have been pre-told in my nocturnal slumber.

I ask a lot of my dreams. I ask for solace. I ask for a simple explanation of my deranged emotions. Like you, I have questioned numerous sources and have still come up empty handed and confused. Why?

My own struggles and interest are only magnified by my own will to ask. Silly? Yes! Confusing? Yes! Yet as you the reader follow along with my insanity you wonder also, where the fiznuck this is going??

Well my friends and comrades.. This is actually a question about being on a par 3. Ya see... I feel that every time I step up to a par three on any golf course, it is a chance at a hole in one. It. Will. Happen. Prolly not tomorro. Prolly not next week. Soon.. Either way, it was... Home.


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