Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sisterly Roots

The other day I was getting some food to get my grub on. It was during my lunch break at work. I work in a bad side of town. So of course I am perfectly at home. Not all my co-workers share my indifference to the fights and car jacking that take place on a weekly basis. However, they are not completely apathetic like me and also they don't carry.

Anyways, I was waiting for the folks at the drive through to take their interminably long time in preparing my food. With the length of time I was waiting, I can only assume that they were preparing my food as fresh as possible. Harvesting the vegetables, slaughtering the cow, etc. Again, I digress.

While I was waiting, I observed a lady stumbling around aimlessly in the parking lot. I wasn't really paying attention. Well at least not until she started having a very animated conversation with a tree. I couldn't hear what she was saying. But from what I observed the tree was not being very nice. She was getting more and more agitated till finally she had enough.

She started walking away. However, apparently the tree called her back because she turned around like it called out to her. She went back to the tree. Apparently the tree became even more abusive, because she started crying. Finally she walked away wiping her eyes. Bless her heart.

Being a kind hearted and caring person, I rolled down my window and yelled out my window at her. I said, "Girl don't let that tree treat you like that! There are plenty of other trees out there. You deserve a better tree!" Then I drove away.

I felt for her ya know? It's all about sisterhood. But being the foolish women that we are we will take abuse from something we think cares about us. There were two perfectly good trees on either side of her. They were quiet and not saying anything. However, she kept going back to the tree that was obviously no good for her.

That is why I felt it was my duty as a woman to let her know that I felt her pain. That tree did not appreciate what he had in front of him. But what do you expect from an ash. Sorry bad puns...couldn't resist. Well hopefully, she took my words to heart. So to the sister with the tree problem.. Be strong.


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