Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hey there middle aged, overweight, ugly cat lady! There's this Nubian Media Mogul who can remind you how to live, love, what to read, how to dress, de-stress, and please your man. All the while, she's NOT married herself, is uglier than whale dick, and her weight keeps going up and down more than an elevator at Macy's. I have installed an "Applause" button just like her. So when you feel the need, press it and others like you will squeal like horny tweens at the VMA's.. Let's try it! (Applause)

Wee.. Ladies, and that one token homosexual fashion icon, are having SOO much fun! OMG! Hopefully Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise will show up. Maybe they can tell you crazy hookers who watch this crap how a "REAL" man should look and act. (Applause) Or how about a 40 something yr old with "Bieber Fever", yelling for a 16 yr old kid with a ducks ass for a haircut? If grown men publicly howled at teenage girls like this, they'd be arrested. (Applause)

To complete my tri-fecta, or axis of evil today, I would like to add that "Glee" sucks! (yes ,the TV show and your high school club) Hey Chunky Sexy! I'm talkin to you..Yeah, you! The one with the chocolate mousse, the vanilla Slimfast shake, and bag of Werther's Originals. The one who watches basic shitty cable TV every night all by yourself! Those 20 somethings who play angst ridden teens that break into song more than Debbie ever smoked a cock in Dallas are lame! You want real entertainment? Make me a sandwich. You fake teens are ridonkulous! I'd like to do the pee pee dance on your head. I'd also like to kick the music industry in the face for permitting these fuckers the rights to destroy songs. (Applause)

I will give credit where credit is due.. Harpo, the pan faced heifer, does have her cake and eats it too! Her man-toy Stedman, does what she says. She has been feeding bullshit sandwiches to you for 30 yrs. YOU have been eating them and gaining and losing weight along side her. She HAS made you feel secure about your relationships as long as it's in her book deal or magazine aptly titled "O". This has made her VERY RICH and you or your husband very confused. Maybe you should stop smoking too... Me, I'm still waitin for you to get off the couch and make me a Sandwich! (Applause)


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