Thursday, October 28, 2010

If You will be My Valentine, I will be Your Concubine!

I finally figured out what I am. I am a genuine concubine. Saweet. (Refer to earlier post, "Kept Woman"). I am not a wife, girlfriend, hooker, fuck buddy or a mistress. I am a concubine. I am honestly a little pleased by this. I think that concubine looks good on me.

I have a deep sense of spiritual peace. Knowing who and what you are is spiritually calming. I suppose it is the same way serial killers feel when they realize, "Hey, I am not satisfied with just killing animals, I need to kill people in the same manner all the time." No bueno, btw. You just don't hurt animals.

Now that I know what I am and what I am good for/at, I think I need to raise the bar a little higher. When I am done with this one, which will be in about T-minus 5 months give or take two weeks.....I need to find someone who can treat me like the royal bitch princess that ALL men seem to gravitate towards.

You know exactly what I am talking about. These high maintenance, bitchy broads who wantonly abuse their men verbally in public. All the while the man is cringing and profusely apologizing. You be nice to a man ladies and he will take you for a ride. You treat him like cheap 1-ply toilet paper? You have him in the palm of your hand.

This is all strictly observation. I realized that I need to give my bitch side a makeover. I need to change from steel-balled, cast iron bitch to high maintenance princessy bitch. I wonder if they have an Extreme Bitch Makeover Show.....


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