Saturday, January 1, 2011

Misery Loves New Year's Company

Last night was New Year's Eve. I was seriously planning on just staying home and avoiding people. Like I do every other day. However, my plan's were thwarted by a call from a friend who is going through a divorce and did not want to be alone.

Sigh. So I did my friend duty and stocked up on wine and packed an overnight bag and headed over. Now my friend lives out in the middle of BFE. I really did not want to go, but I also was feeling a tad depressed and figured if we were gonna be depressed...we were gonna be depressed together and get completely wasted. Misery loves company....totally true.

Well, she had a bottle of wine and I had a bottle of wine. I actually haven't been drinking and so my tolerance has gone down quite a bit. Well, in my drunken wisdom I decided to see if I could still fuck with my ex-fiancee.

Cliff notes back story on ex: cheated, lied and dumped me for a nasty ass whore nurse. Not bitter, not at all. Anyways, I wanted to see if he was faithful to her. Nope not one fucking bit. I had him wrapped around my finger. I am pretty sure I could have got anything I wanted from him. I didn't meet up with him nor do I plan to.

I also initially texted the wrong number. Turned out to be some guy who works at a prison and we had quite the conversation. I will save that story for later...cuz I think I may mess with him more. He was nice though and I am too hungover to be a douchebag right now.

So anyways, through my drunxting and messing with my ex I realized how much he fucking disgusted me. How much people fucking disgust me. I say people because women are just as bad as men.


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