Saturday, January 8, 2011

Southern Hospitality.

Do you know what I find extremely enjoyable? Masturbation. Oh yes I said it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with loving myself. Of course, I may have a case of narcissism, but frankly I don't really blame myself. I am very desirable.

I think that if more people took the time to love themselves that there would be less disease, less heartache and a lot more happy. Instead of going out and getting some strange and throwing your dick/pussy on the crap table one more time, go home. Undress yourself and lay yourself down and do what you do best to yourself.

Not that I am not a fan of the strange. I totally love the strange. It's just that even with wrapping and all the precaution in the world, you are still taking a chance with your danger zone health. You are also taking the chance that the stranger in the night might turn into the creeper in the dark.

Is this making you uncomfortable? It shouldn't. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making love to oneself. I do it almost everyday and when I am done I slap myself on the ass, tell me good job and to go make me a sandwich. After the sandwich, I let myself take a nap with no cuddling. It is so awesome.

Here are the top eight reasons that I love myself regularly:

8. I know where it's been and it's only been with me. (For those who are stupid, I am taking about my dildo.)

7. I know how to put it on me.

6. I can beat it up or take it nice and slow.

5. I can keep going until I get mine.

4. I give it up to myself whenever I want.

3. I don't have to get dolled up or shave if I don't want to...tho I do just because I am weird like that.

2. No small talk required.

1. No sneaking out on myself when done or having to kick myself out.

Ohhhhh yea...I am so good. I do cheat on myself occasionally, but I always come back to me so it is all good. I do watch the occasional porn or let someone phone sex me while I take care of bizness. However, the best time with myself is when it is just me, myself and the dildo. I love masturbation, because I love me.



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